Giddy as a schoolgirl

You remember when you were a kid and couldn't wait for the first day of school to wear your new clothes? Well, that's pretty much how I felt all weekend, waiting to get back to work so I could wear some of my latest thrift-store finds.

As yesterday's post evidenced, I have been trying to model some of the clothes in my Etsy shop, particularly some "hidden treasures" that I feel like are being overlooked because of dull-looking photos. So today I paired this mustard blouse with my new skater skirt and a great metal belt that I got on my thrifting expedition last week. This blouse is really lightweight and lovely — it's the perfect mustard color, and I love the pleating and the slightly puffed sleeves.

I added plum tights and my trusty black oxford pumps for a look that kind of reminded me of Steffy's Pros and Cons.

And for work, I added this gray Sasson jacket, which made the outfit feel a little more "me" and gave me another layer over this light, semi-sheer blouse. This jacket is such a perfect finishing touch to any outfit to make it look classy and polished, I'm already imagining 10 other outfits it would go great with!

I am really happy with how the look came out — it's definitely a departure from my usual style, but I feel comfortable in it and it was fun to try out something different.

Gray wool open-front jacket: Vintage, for sale in my shop
Ivory floral necklace: @goodwillistascloset
Mustard pleated-front blouse: Vintage, for sale in my shop
Two-tone stretch metal belt: Vintage, thrifted
Black skater skirt: Vintage, thrifted
Plum tights
Black oxford pumps: Franco Sarto, thrifted
Total cost to me: About $30, one of my pricier outfits! 


  1. Jewel tones, yay! You look classy as all get out :)

    1. Thanks! This is like my new favorite outfit ... now I kind of hope I get to keep this blouse!

  2. this might be one of my favorite outfits of yours I've seen! love that gorgeous blouse especially with the necklace! I'm headed over to your shop to check it out, I love what I've seen on your blog!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

    1. Thanks! I was just putting together a "hits and misses" post for last month and this was definitely one of my favorites from March.


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