Sunday giveaway: Polka dot scarf

This week, I'm giving away this cute polka dot scarf. Doesn't it just scream "spring"? (It's all about wishful thinking, people ... I woke up to more snow this morning.)

This wide scarf has angled ends and can easily be used in your hair or around your neck, or even as a cute belt.

This giveaway will be open until midnight Friday, March 14 (Eastern time) and is open to international readers. Multiple entries are welcome.

To enter, leave a comment below or check out any of my social media links in the left-hand sidebar. If you're not already following bon marche couture, you can start following me to enter; if you're already a follower (Hi! Thanks!), just look for my giveaway post and follow the instructions to log another entry.


  1. I follow via bloglovin. Your blog is adorable, just like this scarf! xx


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