Sunday giveaway: Raspberry wallet clutch

This week, I'm giving away a cute little wallet clutch in bright raspberry leather.

I actually bought this for myself several weeks ago, but ... I found another one I like better! So I'm throwing this into the giveaway basket and offering it to one lucky reader. It's in great condition* except for some mild rubbing on the metal clasp. It has tons of room inside for all my cards, and I could even squeeze my phone into the zipperered pouch if I really wanted to go minimalist. There are three hidden pockets as well — two behind the area where you can see my driver's license, and another one on the other side. I also love the fact that you can open up the zippered pocket (where I keep my cash — it's exactly dollar-bill sized) without opening the clasp.

Entering this giveaway is easy, plus, you have all week to do it — this giveaway will close at midnight (Eastern time) on Friday. Anyone who starts following me via social media or Bloglovin during the week is automatically entered to win. If you are already a follower, just look for my giveaway posts and follow the instructions there to enter. Or, you can just leave a comment right here on this post. Multiple entries are welcome! This giveaway is only open to my U.S. readers. I'll be back with one next week that everyone can enter. Good luck and have a great week! I'm putting together a fun post for tomorrow showing off my modeling skillzzz once again (ha!), but you can get a sneak peek by looking at the newest listings in my shop.

*One minor note: When I first got it, I could detect a faint whiff of tobacco smoke smell. I do not notice it anymore when I use this wallet, but if you are SUPER sensitive to tobacco smells, you might notice it. 


  1. I want this. I don't have a proper wallet at the moment, and a raspberry one would be a dream! I'm gonna feel bad if I win another giveaway though, haha

  2. this is beautiful! I hope I'm entered now..?

    ♥ perfectly Priya

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