Toddler Tuesdays returns!

I had a few minutes (and some decent light) this morning, so I thought I'd take another run at Toddler Tuesdays. 

My girl was very excited that Mama was wearing polka dots, and untied this bow about a dozen times before I made it out of the house this morning. 

Photographing toddlers is tough! I am always so impressed that the people who do school pictures at her day care get them to sit still for more than, like, 10 seconds. 

But she had fun, and so did I. Two is such a weird age; she can go from totally bratty and ridiculous ("NO, Mama! NO SOCKS!!") to super sweet in a heartbeat. When we sat down together, she kept patting me on the hand and saying "Hi Mama!" in her tiny little bird voice. 

It's kind of a miracle that I convinced her to wear a matching outfit today; she's been insisting on picking out her own clothes (toddlers! I tell ya), which is a battle I'm not willing to fight. My own outfit was thrown together hastily; I was searching around for that extra something, and finally reached for my trusty old polka dot sash. This thing (which is just the fabric belt for a polka dot dress I have) has proven to be so handy! I've used it for a zillion things.

Yellow cardigan: Old Navy, thrifted
Polka dot top: Vintage, thrifted
Black skinny trousers: H&M, thrifted
Gray socks
Red flats: Vintage, thrifted
Total cost to me: About $14

Work It Wednesdays: Go Green!

I hope you'll join me tomorrow for my Work It Wednesdays linkup challenge. This week's theme is "Go Green," so you can post pictures of your favorite green outfit, garment or accessory. The linkup will be live through Friday. 


  1. I think your daughter was right to be excited about the polka dots! =)


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