What daylight?

I always get psyched about daylight-saving time until it actually happens. Then I remember that having extra daylight in the evening is kind of pointless in upstate New York, where all you can do is gaze out your window at the snow.

I miss the daylight in the morning a lot. So I apologize if I look a little morose in these pictures. I'm also wet from walking my dogs in the rain, and my knee hurts. Blah.

This outfit was left over from last week's wardrobe challenge — I had originally planned to wear my brown boots with it, but when I could barely walk this morning, I decided that flats were going to be the way to go.

I added a cardigan AND a scarf because it is super wet and cold today, and I wanted to be as cozy as possible. As a consequence, I feel kind of frumpy, but cozy. Tomorrow I'll be back to featuring items from my Etsy store, and if the light is good enough in the morning I may even attempt a Toddler Thursday. Work It Wednesdays will also return next week. This has just been a mess of a week so far! I am so done with winter and just find it hard to summon the energy to do, well, anything. I need to break out of these blahs!

If you have the winter blahs, don't forget to enter this week's giveaway, which features this cute polka-dot scarf that's perfect for spring. Details are here — I've made it even easier to enter this week, so please check out the guidelines.

Mint scarf: Thrifted
Camel zip-front cardigan: W*lmart
Turquoise turtleneck: Clothing swap
Brown leather belt: Vintage, thrifted
Rust corduroy skirt: Worthington, thrifted
Brown sparkly leggings: Old Navy, clothing swap
Boots: Franco Sarto


  1. Forever loving your hair. I'm jealous of the curls. What happened to your knee?

    1. Don't know! Just started hurting one day. I went to the doc and they did lots of tests and they still don't know. So next is a visit to orthopedics. It's pretty obnoxious wearing a big ace bandage around one knee (not pictured) and hobbling around all the time!

    2. I hope they figure something out soon! That really stinks!


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