Work It Wednesdays: Go Green

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I picked "Go Green" as the challenge for this week's Work It Wednesdays linkup. Share your favorite green garment, outfit or accessory below.

Of course, when I started planning my outfit today, I realized that I have hardly any green clothes in my wardrobe. Which is weird, because I reflexively answer "green" when asked what my favorite color is — kelly green in particular. But I seem to be more drawn to warm colors when I'm shopping, particularly orange, lately. It's funny sometimes how our ideas about what we "like" aren't always borne out by the reality of what we actually buy, or wear.

I stole yet another page from the Messages on a Napkin playbook today and wore a dress as a blouse. I love the print and the retro feel of this dress, and I thought the colors and the style would pair nicely with my beloved olive green full skirt. Sadly, my apple green vintage suit jacket, which still hasn't made an appearance on this blog, is still in the "go to dry cleaner's" pile (and I do mean pile) and was not available for today's outfit! So much for planning.

A reminder that I am featuring a super special giveaway this week in which one lucky winner will get a $20 gift certificate to my Etsy shop! I am devoted to making vintage affordable for everyone, so you can find plenty of items for less than $10, which makes this a pretty good bargain. I have some great spring and summer stock that will be rolling out in the coming weeks, so if you don't see anything you like yet, just wait!

White wrap cardigan: Old Navy, thrifted
Green and purple print dress: ?? thrifted
Olive green full skirt: Vintage, thrifted
Brown ribbed stockings
Tan flats: Dr. Scholl's, thrifted


  1. Thanks for hosting this, Emily! I really like your cropped jacket, and can't wait to see the kelly green suit jacket ~ It's a favorite color of mine as well.

  2. I like the cute jacket part of this! And the scarf.


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