Glum in Gold

It is with a glum countenance that I reflect on the fact that today is the last day of April. Normally when I think of the month, I imagine green grass, daffodils, leaf buds on trees and sunny days mingled with rain. But we are way behind this year. Leaf buds are only just starting to peek out now, and the spring bulbs are just hesitatingly making their appearance. So if I'm still dressing a bit like December, forgive me.

Today's prompt for the last day of Style Me April was "Glam in Gold," which was a struggle for me. I found myself desperately missing a gold lame sweater I used to own (never mind the fact that it was size extra-small, which means there is no way I would be able to wear it now) because, as it turns out, I don't really have a lot of gold in my wardrobe. 

This was what I could dredge up in terms of gold accessories — not much. So I focused my efforts on the "glam" part of the prompt with a dark lip and an outfit that make me feel polished and pretty, even if it is on the simple, rather than the glamorous, side. 

I gravitate toward dark colors and strong contrasts rather than pastels, no matter the season, but it felt appropriate to wear this on a day that's cold and a bit gloomy. This is a rare outfit for me as it contains no vintage, except for my jewelry! But it feels very "me." I am a sucker for a great red sweater.  

This ring used to belong to my grandmother — it is a few sizes too big, and I should probably have it re-sized at some point, but I find myself squeamish about altering it in any way. It is a piece of her, as is this gold-beaded necklace, which I remember her wearing often. I love having both of these pieces and am happy to think of her as I wear them. She was an accomplished seamstress with an eye for fashion, even if it was often expressed in little girls' dresses or practical pant suits. I have a treasure trove of clothes in my attic — and some in my daughter's dresser drawers right now — that she sewed for my sister and me when we were little. 

Gold necklace: Vintage, family heirloom
Cranberry v-neck sweater: Forever 21, thrifted
Brown pleated skirt: Worthington, thrifted
Gold rope belt: Thrifted
Gold round-toe pumps: Consignment

P.S. The crazy orange maxi dress I modeled yesterday is available in my shop now! Go check it out. 


  1. Pretty pretty! You look very trim and pert. I really like the pleated detail on that skirt. I also have some heirloom/sentimental jewelry along those lines, and they're my favorite pieces.


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