Hello Sailor

Today's Style Me April prompt was "Oh Hello Sailor," and I struggled mightily to come up with an outfit that was even remotely nautical. As it is, it's a pretty subtle nod to nautical style. 

Once again, I was stumped until I actually opened up my closet and started rifling through the hangers. It's amazing the things you discover when you actually look through your clothes — which, I guess, is one of the aims of this challenge. 

This dress was an impulse buy — I couldn't resist the pretty stripe pattern. However, as I'm wearing it today, I'm realizing that it's a shape/cut that I'm not really comfortable with. So, if anyone's interested, this could be yours for $12 shipped! I'm cross-posting it on my Instagram sale account, so if you're interested, comment there with your email address and I'll send you a Paypal invoice. All the details about size, etc., will be there too. 

I reached once again for my cropped white cardigan — this thing has proven to be one of the most useful items in my wardrobe. I wear it year-round, and I love how wearing it open like this kind of gives it the look of a jacket. Someday I am going to spill something on it and ruin it. And on that day, I will cry. 

White cropped cardigan: Old Navy, thrifted
Gray striped T-shirt dress: H&M, thrifted (for sale via Instagram)
Gray leggings: TJ Maxx
Blue patent loafers: Gift
Total cost to me: About $14

Are you doing any of the Style Me April challenges? If so, please join me on Fridays for a weekly linkup to share our favorite looks from the week's prompts. 


  1. I really like this outfit! It actually looks quite nautical to me, but maybe that's because I know what you're going for.

  2. P.S. adorable lipstick! Is that the new $2 one?

    1. Yes, it's Wet 'n Wild! I can't stop wearing it, it's great.


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