I Don't Know Boho

One of the things the Style Me April prompts have illustrated is that my closet lacks some stylistic variety. A number of times this month, I've looked at the prompt and opened my closet, only to say, "Apparently I don't do ___________" (whatever that day's prompt was all about). And apparently, I don't do "bohemian."

Fortunately, I have a robust stock of clothes that are not necessarily my personal style, but that I've picked up here or there to sell, whether on Etsy, at consignment or on my Instagram account — which is where this maxi dress came from.

I messed around with styling it for an absurdly long time, at first using my trusty white cardigan (I know, I KNOW) and then finally digging out a royal blue wrap sweater that I had thought I wouldn't need again until fall. But guess what, it's chilly and rainy again today, so there goes that plan.

I added this vintage pigskin jacket, which used to belong to my mom, to top it all off and bring back the original idea of the prompt, which was "Bohemian Betty."

I honestly did not think I would like this outfit as much as I do! I tend to think that I will be overwhelmed by maxi dresses, and I do think that's true for fuller-skirted versions. But I loved how this one took on a Grecian feel with these accessories.

In keeping with today's theme, I'm using this opportunity to flog a couple of other dresses I have for sale - if you're interested in any of them, drop me a line.


  1. I think you pulled off bohemian very well! Er, excuse me, ~Bohemian Betty~


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