Lovely in Lace - sort of

It was going to be Toddler Tuesdays, but a certain 2-year-old declared authoritatively this morning, "No take pictures me, Mama." So there you go.

Today's Style Me April prompt is "Lovely in Lace," but I do not actually own anything lace except for this headband I just bought at Claire's. So this is my lame answer to this prompt.

I kind of have a love-hate relationship with headbands — sometimes I feel like they look really cute and other times I just feel like I'm back in seventh grade with my bob haircut and my trying-to-be-mod headbands.

This is a rare outfit for me, because almost everything I'm wearing was purchased new! This almost never happens ...

White lace headband: Claire's
Faux pearl necklace: Gift
Teal and white tropical print blouse: JC Penney
Red skinny chinos: TJ Maxx
Silver cutout flats: Old Navy

As a postscript, I recently bought a bunch of really fantastic clothes to sell on my Instagram "shop my closet" account, but I'm trying to build up my follower base before I post them. So I would love it if you would take a minute to follow Bon Marche Closet on Instagram! I usually post a few new items each weekend so I promise I won't spam your feed. :)


  1. I love the combo of headband and pearls! You should go drink cocktails at a garden party :)


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