Reluctant Toddler Tuesday

Quick, photo-heavy post today - it's been a busy one!

At first my girl was hiding from the camera, but pretty soon she was standing in front of the closet doors saying, "Hold hands, Mama?" Too cute.

I don't think she was super into these lying-on-the-floor photos, but I thought it would be cute.

For today's Style Me April prompt, Jungle Tribal Tropics, I reached immediately for this leopard-print jersey dress. Plus, I finally dug this vintage green jacket out of the trunk of my car and ironed it! Go me. My instinct was to go with a white or brown cardi, but I am glad I added some color to this look — I think it looks more fresh and spring-appropriate this way.


  1. Very cute--feels classic to me :) That goes for the mommy-daughter dynamic as well as the outfit!

    1. Thanks! I loved this outfit, and it didn't hurt that it was SUPER comfortable (even the shoes!)


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