Sunday giveaway: Personal (thrift) shopper

I wanted to do something really different for this week's giveaway, so I've decided to offer up ...myself!

It's no secret that I love thrift shopping and finding amazing bargains. My love of shopping is what prompted me to open my Etsy store in the first place. So to celebrate the two-year anniversary of my shop, I'm offering you a custom shopping experience, courtesy of yours truly. Here's how it will work:

• The winner of this giveaway can provide me with any specs desired, including measurements/size, color and style preferences, no-nos (like, no open-toe shoes, no pants, etc.) and "wish list" items. You can send me links to your style inspiration boards on Pinterest, or any other information you want to include to help me get a sense of your personal style. If you have a style blog, I'll be studying it!
• I will then go shopping (the fun part, for me) and pick out an outfit for you, including accessories, and possibly even shoes if I get lucky and find a pair in your size.
This super special surprise outfit will then be shipped to you (the fun part, for you) for your enjoyment!

All the clothing and accessories you receive in this giveaway are yours to do with as you choose. You can turn around and re-sell them, or give them to your little sister or best friend, or donate them to charity. But I hope you'll wear them, and love them!

Since this is a super special giveaway, it has some super special rules. First of all, this is only open to domestic (U.S.) entries. Second, this is a follow/share giveaway only; comments will not be counted as entries as they have been in the past. So please help me spread the word! I will post direct links to my giveaway posts on other social media later in the week, but you can get started right now by following me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Bloglovin. Anyone who joins in this week's StyleMeApril linkup will also be entered to win. So get in there! I'm really excited about this and I hope you are, too. If this goes well, I will try to repeat it in a few weeks, so if you miss out on this round, keep checking back.


  1. This is a really cool idea! I might share some posts when I see them, but please don't count those as entries, because I feel like I should take a break from trying my luck in your giveaways :)

    1. Ha ha, yeah, you are DISQUALIFIED! Just kidding ... But, yes, please share away!


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