Weekend Roundup

Happy Saturday! I took yesterday off work, so I keep getting confused and thinking today is Sunday ... what a relief that it isn't! I did a bit too much spending yesterday (shopping trip at the mall, plus lunch and SweetFrog), so I am trying to hustle this weekend to make some money. I had my first sale via Instagram, which was really exciting.

Giveaway winner

Would you believe Sonya won ANOTHER of my giveaways?? It's true, the Random Number Gods favored her once again. Sonya, this pretty little wallet will be making its way to you soon! Thanks to everyone who entered — I have something fun planned for this week's giveaway, so stay tuned.

Instagram Shop Update

I hit up a faraway rummage sale on Friday morning and boy, did it pay off. I got exactly one vintage dress for my Etsy shop, which I hope to list whenever the wind dies down and I can photograph outside again. Which will probably be never, at this rate. But I also snagged a bunch of great stuff for my Instagram shop, which I'll be posting throughout the weekend. Here are a few highlights of what I'm going to have listed this weekend:

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I will be back tomorrow with this week's giveaway and a look ahead at the week's StyleMeApril challenges.


  1. YAY! I'll be sure to send up a sacrifice to the random number gods ;)


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