Ain't No Half Steppin'

I don't tend to do things by halves. Tell me to wear green, and I'll wear all the green I can pile on. Tell me it's Hawaiian day at the office, and I might just show up in a grass skirt. Hence today's look.

Today's prompt was "Lovely Layers." I don't know about the "lovely" part, but, layers? Yes. I've got layers. This one was a reeeeal stretch for me. I'm no Marlen Komar, and "the layered look" has always seemed elusive to me (which is to say, I feel like a potato in a sack when I wear a lot of layers). So I tried to push myself to try some different approaches.

I bought this short-sleeved cardigan (vest?) a few years ago ... somewhere. I don't even remember buying it. I suspect it was at a bag sale, during which I often just grab things based on texture and color with an "I can make it work" attitude. Fast forward a few years, and I've worn this thing maybe twice. Time to either get serious about layering, or pass it along to another loving home.

And this dress? I was married in it. I've been wanting to find a way to restyle it so that I don't just feel like I'm really, obviously, wearing my wedding dress to work (which would not be as much of an issue if I didn't have a wedding photo in a prominent place on my desk), so I thought today's challenge was the perfect time to go for it.

Blue bow tie: Sash from a sweater dress I got at a clothing swap
Teal sweater vest: Yard sale??
Red and white striped shirt: Vintage, Crimson and Clover Shop
White Grecian dress: Vintage, eBay
Brown spectator pumps: Vintage, Pillager
Total cost to me: Probably $35 or so

Also: I'll just leave this here:


  1. I think of Marlen as the Queen of Layers, haha =) You're not so bad yourself!

  2. yup, she is skilled with layers! That's something I struggle with as well, it seems like a lot to put together! I think you did a great job, and the colors you chose compliment each other pretty nicely! also- so cool that you can re-use your wedding dress (which is lovely, btw!) you could tie a shirt over it just as easily to create a pleated midi skirt (which I can't get enough of.)

    ♥ perfectly Priya


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