Best Foot Forward

Wow, I feel like I've been gone forever! I had a great trip to Oregon to visit my parents, and I hope you enjoyed reading my interviews with other bloggers. I hope to feature more items like that in the future and would welcome any suggestions you have.

I missed a bunch of awesome Style Me May prompts while I was gone (I was really looking forward to "Nantucket Prep," not even joking), but today's prompt, "Best Foot Forward," kind of made me groan. I'm still battling some knee and ankle problems, so I'm confined to sensible shoes for my daily wear. Nevertheless, that didn't stop me from from modeling these terrific shoes that I picked up on my last rummage-sale binge.

Aren't they perfection? I love a good stacked heel. I am really tempted to keep them but I could probably be talked out of them for, like, $20 (including shipping). They are size 8.5 and in really great shape. Contact me if you're interested! If there aren't any takers, I'll offer them up in my Etsy shop this fall.

This blouse was another rummage find that I'm toying with keeping. Kelly green just does me in every time, and I love pairing it with brown. Says the brunette with green eyes.

And I am slowly falling in love with this cropped jacket. It hung in my closet for weeks, and I was convinced I would never wear it, but now I think it's kind of perfect.

Tomorrow I am going to step outside my editor box for a little while and pretend to be a reporter. The president (yes, that guy) is coming to visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame, which just happens to be in my backyard, and I have been tasked with "live-tweeting" the event. I put that in quotes because, being honest here, there's not going to be a lot to report on. But I'm a journalist, dammit, so I'll FIND some news. Anyway, I'm pretty excited at the prospect of breathing the same air as the POTUS, and also at getting out from behind my desk for a little while to see how the other half lives.

I'm probably not actually going to see the prez (darn it), but still, the question I keep thinking about is: What do you wear to meet the president? Tune in tomorrow to see what I come up with.

Faux leather cropped jacket: Rue 21, consignment
Shamrock print blouse with tie: Vintage, rummage sale
Chocolate brown pleated skirt: Worthington, thrifted
Tan oxford pumps: Vintage, rummage sale
Total cost to me: About $7!


  1. I love that skirt. The way it's cut, with the pleats... perf. Also, please say hi to the POTUS for me! I gathered that you're having a private luncheon with him.


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