I don't normally think of myself as a "bombshell" sort of person. I don't expect to turn heads when I walk into a room, or get hooted at when I pass a construction site. (Does that actually happen, or is that just a cartoon/sitcom trope?) But in this dress, boy, I feel like a goddamned bombshell.

I bought this with the intention of selling it, but then quickly realized I couldn't determine its vintage. It is home-sewn, either by a professional tailor or by a very talented and experienced home seamstress, and I just love the lines and structure of it. So, oops, this one's staying with me — at least for now.

Today's Style Me May prompt was "Not So Mellow Yellow" (or something like that), and I knew right away I was going to wear this almost-chartreuse yellow cardigan. I think this color is terrific, and so have clung to it even though it is, quite frankly, too big for me. I just can't bear to part with it.

I am wavering about whether or not to keep up with these style challenges as we head into June — I think I may do one or two a week, but probably not the full monty. I've enjoyed the challenge, but I do feel kind of constrained by them sometimes, and there are lots of things I'm dying to wear that just haven't fit into any of the prompts so far.

Speaking of challenges, I am considering joining @aliteg's "No Shop Summer" pledge and trying to get through to Labor Day without buying myself any clothes. Just typing that made me feel a little anxious! I have done one "fashion diet" before, but it was when we were moving house, so it kind of made sense to pare down my wardrobe. Right now, maybe because of the change of season, I just find myself thinking about all the things I want (like flat sandals, or fake Swedish Hasbeens, or more full skirts, or anything with polka dots on it). But it certainly would be good for my budget to do it, and god knows every time I actually get all my clothes clean and try to put them away, I am reminded that I have ... way too many clothes. So, what do you think? Could you go all summer without buying any clothes?

Yellow cardigan: Old Navy, thrifted
Blue structured shirt: Home-sewn, thrifted
Gold stretch belt: Thrifted
Black and white plaid pumps: Lela Rose for Payless, thrifted
Total cost to me: About $12


  1. You do look fabulous in this dress. Oh, I follow Dean Street Soceity too- but have never done one of their style challenges. Looks like fun.

    No shopping? Hmmm.... actually I used to go for months without shopping, but I really do need to replace some items this year! Ha! So sad to say that but true. Good luck if you do though!

  2. Love the color combo, and that dress absolutely is cut beautifully!


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