ModCloth fashion challenge

I was beyond excited when I was approached by ModCloth to participate in their weekly Wanelo fashion challenge. Wanelo is a site that's a bit similar to Pinterest, which allows you to save and organize items from across the interwebz in one spot. I have been posting all the items from my Etsy store there since the beginning to help build an interest in my shop, and I enjoy poking around a bit there too to see what other people are interested in.

Each week, ModCloth partners with style bloggers to put together "storyboards" showing how each blogger would style a specific piece. This week, I was given this gorgeous galaxy dress to style (and when I say "given," let's be clear here, I was emailed a photo of it):

The Way I Galaxy It Dress
Can I just say again, seriously, how excited I was to be chosen to participate in this? First of all, I am still so new at all of this that I get a little giggly at the prospect of people reading my blog other than, like, co-workers and family. Second, it was really fun to do a little virtual shopping and fantasizing about building an outfit around this pretty dress. Here's what I came  up with:

My inspiration for this look was ... myself. That is, I decided to pick out pieces that I would personally wear if I were styling this dress to wear to work tomorrow. This meant a few things. First of all, I don't wear bare shoulders or open-toed shoes to work, so I knew I would have to cover up a bit. The first thing I went looking for was a blazer or sweater.

Wine Tasting Classic Blazer
When I saw this sleek white blazer, I knew it was just perfect. The minimal design looks polished and professional, and white helps make this dark print look seasonally appropriate. I also loved how the blazer was fitted without being tight, and the open front really allows you to still show off whatever you're wearing underneath. That is one of my chief complaints about wearing blazers or cardigans — all too often, I feel like I'm just covering up my entire top.

Secondly, I wanted to pick accessories that would carry out the professional look without overshadowing the print of the dress, which I wanted to keep at center stage.

This meant combing through a lot of the more awesomely elaborate bags, shoes and jewelry that are ModCloth's signature. But I was pleased to find that there are actually plenty of sleek, modern and minimalist options, even in the shoe department. Don't get me wrong — I adore the lace, ribbons and bows. But I wanted to go for a different look with this outfit.

Front And On Necklace | Committed Curator Earrings
This leaf-motif necklace looked substantial enough to hold its own in this outfit without overwhelming the dress the way a larger bib necklace might. And I love these geometric gold earrings, which are large enough to make a statement without being over-the-top. Both of these pieces really have a distinctly vintage-inspired flair that I thought would counterbalance the very contemporary galaxy print of the dress.

Two-Tone To Tango Bag | Skippin' Pretty Heel
For the bag, I knew I wanted something coral or peach to pick those tones out of the dress. This tote, with its minimal lines, seemed perfect. And it reverses to tan, making it even more versatile. On the other hand, shoes were particularly tough. I got a little distracted by all the pretty bows and polka dots! But I stayed true to my concept and picked out a pair that I thought did not steal too much attention from the dress. I had originally thought of finding a mint shoe, but the clear blue of these seemed like a perfect fit. I love a good T-strap, and the round toe and moderate heel height made this shoe seem very wearable for me.
Sash Samba Belt

Finally, I added this gray obi-style belt. Even though this dress has a clearly defined waist, I always feel a bit better with a belt to give that added visual distinction. While I often like to pick belt in colors that contrast with my outfit, in this case I chose one that would blend in a bit more.

I had a lot of fun with this challenge — as someone who lies awake every night thinking about what I will wear the next day, this challenge was a natural fit! I want to emphasize that I did not receive any incentive or compensation from ModCloth for putting this together — I agreed to do it because a) it sounded like fun and b) I thought it might be an opportunity to promote my blog.

On a different note, I'm leaving today for a weeklong vacation to visit family and friends. In lieu of my usual outfit pics, I'm going to be sharing some interviews that I've done with other style bloggers. I hope you enjoy them!


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