A quick post tonight to showcase my "Out of My Comfort Zone" look in which, gasp, I wear sandals!

I basically never wear open-toed shoes in public anymore (or, really, at all) because I really do not like my toes. I used to occasionally try to spruce up my feet, paint my toenails and so on, but I would still always feel self-conscious and uncomfortable.

But you know what? Today I wore sandals to work, and the world didn't end. No one recoiled from me in horror. In fact, I even got a compliment on these shoes (which are for sale in my shop, you can buy them here). It was a reminder to me that those things we feel so self-conscious about are usually not taking up a lot of space in anyone else's consciousness but our own. Even if someone does notice a "flaw" of mine, they probably don't particularly care about it. And even if they do — so what?

On a slightly less shocking note, I also picked this dress as a challenge, since I usually also don't wear halter tops or bare shoulders. But I ended up covering it up anyway, because the bodice of the dress is a bit big on me (as you can see) and it would have been pretty ... inappropriate to wear it to work that way. White cardigan saves the day again.

This dress is also featured in my Etsy shop, where you can get a better look at the lovely print. It's a really beautiful, comfortable, simple sundress for summer, and I hope to find it a good home this year.

Do you have any styles that you absolutely will not wear?


  1. So true. Almost zero things that I worry about re: myself are noticed by other people.


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