We'll Always Have Paris

I went to Paris for the first time when I was 11 years old (in fact, I celebrated my 12th birthday in the City of Lights). As a budding fashionista, I remember being humiliated about having to wear a fanny pack in the city known for its haute couture, and being thrilled to purchase an embroidered cross-body bag at a local flea market.

A postcard I wrote to my best friend back home detailed the fashions I saw on the women on the streets of Paris. I remember seeing blunt-cut bobs, palazzo pants in tribal prints, round sunglasses and blousy, cropped tops. (It was 1990.)

For today's prompt, "From Paris, With Love," I referenced the things I think of as hallmarks of Parisian chic. French fashion is to me about a certain timelessness and classicisim; an ease and simplicity, both in how garments are worn and in how an outfit is put together. It's about clothes that fit well but are neither too tight nor too revealing; clothes that leave something to the imagination and always suit the wearer; outfits that combine structured and unstructured pieces to create a unique shape. It's about being able to look sexy in flat shoes and little or no makeup. And it's about things that are made well and designed to last.

Virtually none of this describes my actual wardrobe or personal style! But it was fun to play with it for today, which is one of the reasons I'm doing the Dean St. Society style challenges — to push myself out of my fashion comfort zone and try new things that I otherwise wouldn't.

You can buy this dress in my Etsy shop, and I can't say enough good about it. It's sooo soft and comfy, and will look just as great with sandals or flats as it would with leggings, boots and a killer jacket. Since it's LL Bean, it's made to last, and it's in really good shape.

I usually don't show off my bag on this blog, because I carry the same one every day and it would get pretty boring after a while. But I thought it complimented this outfit really nicely, and I also recently decided to sell it, so if you're interested, let me know! It's the Camp Director tote in Camel.

Navy and white print scarf: Vintage, thrifted
Navy linen jacket: Gift
Camel and white striped knit dress: Vintage LL Bean, thrifted, for sale in my shop
Tan flats: Dr. Scholl's, thrifted
Mustard tote bag: ModCloth


  1. I keep my purse off of my blog for the exact same reason =P I love that striped dress!


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