A Tale of Two Outfits

For me, getting dressed in the morning involves a lot of compromise. There's the outfit I wish I could wear, and then there are the realities of my life that make that impossible, impractical or just out of my comfort zone. Today was a perfect example.

I had two style challenges today: One, to wear polka dots to honor a co-worker (it's a long story); and two, today's Joyful June Style challenge, which was Monochrome Monday. Going with navy was an easy choice for me; I always feel great in navy and I have a ton of navy pieces in my wardrobe. But there were other decisions to be made.

This was the first outfit I put on, and I was surprised by how much I loved it. Maybe I've been reading too much Kendi Everyday, but something about these shorts with heels just made me feel like a million bucks. And for once, I didn't feel frumpy in this navy cardigan, which I always try to wear over dresses and then discard because I feel like someone's granny.

But reality set in, and I was forced to admit that a) my feet are nowhere near ready to be seen in open-toed, backless shoes; and, perhaps more importantly, b) I really am not convinced that this is an "office-appropriate" look. (The punch line here is that a friend of mine wore shorts to work today and was told by a co-worker, "You're not allowed to wear shorts!" The truth is, our dress code is so vague that no one really knows what's allowed and what isn't, and also, few people actually care. But I had to laugh nonetheless.)

So I went with Option B, a safer choice and quite frankly a much less flattering one, in my opinion. What do you think — which outfit would you wear in a professional setting? (Possibly neither?)

I shot these photos from a different angle today, because my bed, where I usually set up my camera, was occupied by a little girl, an elephant, a polar bear, a dinosaur and a giraffe, who were traveling on a boat. As you can plainly see here:

I also thought I would share this photo with you, which I like to call, "I worked a night shift last night and have crazy (super green) eyes." You're welcome.

Navy cardigan: Hand-me-down
Navy and white polka dot top: Thrifted
Navy shorts: Old Navy, thrifted
Navy flats: Rummage sale
Total cost to me: About $10


  1. Yeah... I think shorts are hard to pull off in most professional settings (unless that setting is fashion related or the shorts are bermuda ones and you are a teacher). But that first outfit is so adorable!

    I have the conundrum of my dream outfit vs. work needs too.

    1. I can do capris or even, maybe, Bermuda shorts but I usually reserve even that for "casual Fridays." Now I am just trying to come up with an occasion where I can wear the shorts outfit ...

  2. I think you look cute both ways, but the outfit with shorts is heart-stealing. Perhaps not *quite* office-appropriate though :(

  3. My office has a very vague dress code, so I do wear shorts sometimes. I won't be surprised if someone tells me to stop, but until that happens, I'm going to stick with it! I do really like that shorts outfit, and think it would be appropriate in my office!


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