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I have a few lingering outfits that never made it to the blog for one reason or another, so I thought I'd throw together a post on one of them today. Because, why not?

This outfit hails from a simpler time, when I could walk without limping and could still wear skinny pants. Like, a whole month ago.

I call the one on the left "Still Life With Nose Picker" and the one on the right "No, This Baby's Not Dead."

Not sure what she was saying/doing here, but I'm banking on something along the lines of "Camera, Mama!" Can't argue with that, kid.

If I recall correctly, this outfit was in response to the Style Me May prompt "Brights and Stripes." This top from my Etsy shop ticked both boxes, so I built an outfit around it. My favorite neon yellow cardigan was a gimme, and from there to my red chinos was a pretty easy next step.

These patent bow loafers were part of my attempt to dress things up a bit, although you'll notice I stopped short of actually wearing heels.

Red hair tie: Vintage, rummage sale
Bright yellow cardigan: Old Navy, thrifted
Rainbow striped button-down: Vintage, for sale in my shop (only $5!)
Red chinos: TJ Maxx, consignment
Navy bow loafers: Gift
Total cost to me: About $12


  1. Hahaha, "Camera, Mama!" Definitely indisputable. Toddlers are good at pointing and yelling.


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