Ugh, what an awful week ... I won't bore you with the details, but let's just say I am relishing an evening spend in comfy clothes, with my beer, knitting and Star Trek. Oops, did I just reveal what a total dork I am? That's OK, I'm cool with it.

This week was such a blur, I don't even remember when I wore this dress ... I just remember thinking that when it's hot and/or humid out, I always reach for a cheap-and-cheerful 70s dress. None of this sticky jersey, thank you very much; give me those good old synthetic knits that float away from the body.

But of course, when it's hot outside, it's frigid in my office, so I added this rust-colored jacket that I might possibly have accidentally picked up during a $1 sale at a local consignment shop. Oops.

And I gave a hat tip to Joyful June Style with my accessories — can I take a minute to say how much I love these two bracelets, especially together? I am finding it hard to not just wear them every day.

Here is a close-up of some more totally out of control hair, and also a peek at the print on this dress. This is one of those garments that if you described it to someone ("Yeah, it's sort of rust colored, with purple and yellow flowers on it"), they would think it was hideous. But I feel like it crosses the threshold from awful to awesome, somehow. This is one of only a few vintage possessions of mine that I have never considered selling, not even for a minute. Now, that's got to be love.

Rust jacket: Consignment
Rust floral dress: Vintage, thrifted
Gold beaded necklace: Heirloom
Gold stretchy belt: Vintage, thrifted
Gold and ivory bracelets: Thrifted
Gold buckle flats: Consignment
Total cost to me: About $10!


  1. This color is lovely on you. I hope next week is better!

    1. Thanks! This week will probably suck even more but, hey, I'm tough. And it's Saturday! So yay.


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