So for the past few weeks, I have been wearing elastic bandages on my knees and ankles because of some joint problems that I'm having. And everyday I ask myself: Do I try to hide these rather unattractive things, or do I just wear what I feel like wearing, and say "screw it?" And most of the time, I say "screw it."

But I will admit to having felt a little uncomfortable posting those "screw it" outfits to the blog. There's no denying that these huge Ace bandages around each of my knees have a way of ... distracting from the rest of my ensemble. (My boss joked that I looked like I was on my way to a volleyball match.) 

So today is a bit of a compromise. This skirt is long enough to cover up the knee bandages, but my lovely ankle sleeve is still on display. So it goes! And enough about my health problems — let's move on, shall we?

This vintage khaki dress (which reminds me of a waistress' uniform in the best possible way) is my first (and so far only) Swapdom treasure. The swap itself was actually kind of a nightmare because I made a terrible mistake, and sent the swap item to an Etsy customer in Australia. Meanwhile, I sent the Etsy item to the swapper. Fortunately, everyone involved was very understanding! But I felt like a big jerk.

Anyway, I love this dress and I couldn't resist going all match-matchy with the red and brown. Why mess with a good thing?

P.S. I have started posting some of my latest thrift finds to Instagram, so please head over and check them out! I will accept any reasonable offers, and I will always offer discounts for bundles (i.e. orders of more than one item). I post new items daily after 9 p.m., but I only do one a day, so you don't have to worry about me spamming your feed :)


  1. I'd totally say "screw it" too. I actually see a few of those some time around in the city, and I barely even notice it. I just stare at the pretty outfit haha. And that stinks the swap got a little messy- at least everyone was really nice about it :) It's really a great dress, too. I totally see the waitress-ness in it.

    xo marlen
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    1. Yeah, it's hard to remember sometimes that the stuff we feel really self conscious about, no one else really cares about. Like if you have a big zit on your face or something - no one cares!

      I am a total sucker for uniform style clothes, so I fell hard for this dress. I love that it even has a little detail on the bodice right where a nametag would go!

  2. Lovin' that BIG red belt. Red belts being big is something I'm into.

    1. Thanks! I find this belt tough to wear because it's kind of intense ... but it felt just right with the proportions of this dress.


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