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I was all psyched to start off June with more outfit posts, but then, some things involving cameras and toddlers blah blah blah. So I only have a couple photos to share with you today, and they're from yesterday. 

Confession No. 1: This shirt has been in my laundry hamper since the last time I wore it. Not even kidding. 

Confession No. 2: After posting about how I wasn't going to buy any clothes until Labor Day ... something happened. Well, a few things happened. First, the Salvation Army had a bunch of stuff on sale for 49 cents. FORTY-NINE CENTS. I mean, come on, I'm not made of stone. I did OK, buying mostly stuff for my Etsy and Instagram shops, but I think a sparkly gold bracelet might have snuck in there too. And possibly these enormous yellow hoop earrings. 

Then (this is still Confession No. 2) a local consignment store had everything on sale for $1 each. So, like, dresses I had been eyeballing that were priced at $17.99? A buck. I spent a feverish $16 there and, not gonna lie, I'm probably keeping a few things. 

So ... yeah. 

Yellow hoops: Thrifted
Green and yellow tribal print top: Bag sale
Raspberry chinos: TJ Maxx (gift)
Blue and white open-toe pumps: Gift
Total cost to me: About $3!


  1. I actually personally prefer reading blog posts with just a few photos, if that's what you meant by "mini". FWIW. Anyway, I really like the colors of this outfit! And I wouldn't have been able to resist a 49-cent sale either. I mean, COME ON.

    1. Thanks Sonya! It was 'mini" in every sense of the word — not a lot of photos or text. Because really I didn't have much to say. I have to give myself permission to do this every now and then. I always feel like I have to have everything planned out rather than just winging it like this.


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