Weekend Roundup

Sorry for what will be a kind of random post; I just have a variety of disparate things kicking around that I wanted to share. Calling it a "roundup" makes it seem so much more official than "Weekend Random Crap," though, don't you think?

Style Me May recap

I did a kind of half-assed job at the Style Me May challenges for a variety of reasons, including being on vacation for a week, and working like the devil (i.e. not much time for outfit pics) before and after my trip. So my recap is kind of brief. Here are a couple of my favorite outfits from the month:

What do these outfits show me? A few things. One, that I should wear lipstick, and smile, more often. Two, that there are a variety of silhouettes that can look flattering on me — I don't have to always obsess over "giving myself a waist," which I tend to do. And three, that style challenges can be fun, but I just don't have it in me to do it every day, every month. This is good timing, because the woman behind the "Style Me" challenges is not doing one for May. But — I have a new challenge for myself.


I saw @aliteg's #NoShopSummer challenge on Instagram, and immediately thought, "Could I do that?" Well, we're about to find out. She is encouraging participants to go from Memorial Day to Labor Day without buying any clothes, "in order to: 1. Use what I have to it's fullest potential. 2. Be creative with what's already hanging in my closet. 3. Learn what I REALLY want and avoid all those impulse purchases."

No joke, this is going to be super tough for me. So I decided that I need some sort of reward system. Yes, I realize this kind of defeats the purpose of going for three months (THREE MONTHS! Seriously) without buying any clothes, but this is just the way I work. The "reward" of saving money simply does NOT do it for me. So I've decided that if I make it to Labor Day, then I will permit myself to buy a new pair of shoes, AT RETAIL PRICE. Yeah. I have been craving a pair of bright yellow heels for a long time now, and I think that will end up being my reward item. (Probably these.)

Etsy Serendipity

As you may know, I went on a bit of a rummage-sale buying frenzy about a month ago, and wound up with a crapton of great new vintage and stuff for my Instagram shop. This dress was the crown jewel of my haul.

I wore it to work a week or so ago (although I didn't manage to blog about it), and the compliments just poured in all day long.

The dress is, to me, perfection. The print (love a dark floral, and those blue cabbage roses!); the cut; the details (split sleeves, the flounce at the hem) — everything. It's just so flattering and feminine while still easy to wear (it slips on and has an elastic waist — how can you beat that)? I was smitten instantly.

It was clear when I picked it up that the dress was home-sewn, and expertly so. And as I looked at it, I realized the pattern is actually rather simple, with the possible exception of the gathers at the bottom of the skirt.

When I got ready to list this dress for sale on Etsy, on a whim, I did a search for "1970s split sleeve dress." I was having trouble describing the style or categorizing it into a particular era or trend, but I had a feeling that it was from the '70s, so I thought I would see what popped up. Lo and behold, I found the pattern for this very dress — also for sale on Etsy!

I contacted the seller, and we both marveled at the coincidence of making this connection. As for me, I'm excited to be able to date this dress with more accuracy, and also to get another take on what style it fits into. (For some reason the print on this one just stopped me short from describing it as "boho.") If you are interested in the dress, you can see the listing here.

Guest post!

I am excited to say that I have been talking with Sandae of Curvy Girl on the Run about doing a guest post for her next week. I'm working on something about selling your unwanted clothes. I will be sure to link to it when it goes live! Sandae is also doing a June style challenge, which you can check out here.

I hope you have had a great weekend — it's terrific weather here, the kind of fresh spring day that makes you say, "I wish they were all like this." My husband and I have been enjoying taking our daughter down to a small creek that runs through the woods behind our house. He's working on nature-scaping the area; I just sit on the grass and watch while she "works" alongside her Dad. It's so peaceful down there, I always come back feeling refreshed, happy and lucky to have a place like that to call our own.


  1. #NoShopSummer--nope, I do not have the willpower. Good luck!


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