Today was just a weird day. My hair is super straight for some reason, I ate a bunch of avocado for breakfast (I don't even like avocados that much) and I decided to wear a wool jumper, in July. Yeah. Weird.

The wool jumper thing — well, I can explain, kind of. It was guilt, pure and simple. I saw it sitting there in my closet and realized that, after spending weeks obsessing over needing a jumper EXACTLY LIKE THIS, finally finding one, and taking the time to hem the skirt and shorten the straps, I wore it ... once. One time.

Not saying that this simple little dress is, like, the height of fashion or anything. But it was another one of those moments, which are all too common for me, where I obsess and obsess and obsess over something I just HAVE to have, and when I get it, oops, I don't actually wear/use it.

I started watching Dexter again recently, and it kind of makes me think about how he's never satisfied, and always has to look for his next kill. People, I'm a serial shopper, I may as well admit it.

I can be cute and flippant about it, sure, but I can also be honest and say, Hey, maybe there is a larger issue here. Maybe it's not totally OK to let myself fall in to this cycle of craving, buying and then, if not discarding, moving on to the next craving. Maybe I should look for satiety in the things I already have or, gasp, in SOMETHING OTHER THAN MATERIAL POSSESSIONS. Right?

That being said: I went to the Salvation Army today and bought an army (oops, no pun intended) of adorable dresses that I can't wait to sell on Instagram. So, I'm basically also encouraging you to join me in my addiction.

The thing is, I actually do like this dress. The cut is one that I feel really comfortable in — it's easy to wear and looks cute and feminine. I somehow managed to hem the skirt at exactly the right length — what are the odds of that? The neckline makes it a little tricky to pick out a blouse, but I thought the ruffly collar of this one made a nice counterpoint. I added the brooch (which is from Claire's and is missing several stones, but I still love it) because none of my necklaces seemed quite right. And, of course, sandals to try to make this look a bit more seasonally appropriate. In the end, I felt really comfortable and happy with how it turned out. It's a good reminder to me to actually "shop my closet" from time to time and remember why I was so excited to get things like this dress in the first place.

White blouse: Talbots, thrifted
Gray jumper: Vintage, thrifted
Rhinestone brooch: Claire's
White belt: Vintage, thrifted
Melon sandals: Kmart (on sale!), gift
Total cost to me: About $15


  1. You look lovely. The sandals are great. And yeah, I also struggle with the constant desire for new things... I just get so bored with my old things!

    1. You should try some of these fashion challenges that are kicking around ... it really does get you to think creatively about your own wardrobe! And it's kind of fun. Some of the prompts are a little silly, but I saw one the other day that was all just colors. Come on, anyone could get on board with that one! Of course now I can't find the link ...


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