Mad for Mod

After my two weeks of work purgatory, I was eager to jump back on the fashion challenge bandwagon, so it was perfect that the first style prompt for July was "Mad Men Inspired."

Gonna be honest, I have only seen a few episodes of "Mad Men," and I honestly don't know where the show is right now in terms of fashions. So I tried out a couple of different looks that felt mid-1960s. 

The first look I thought of was this structured blue dress, which is timeless in a way but also fits in with the early to mid-1960s aesthetic. 

Adding this green jacket — which is probably the only piece of vintage I own that's actually from this era — was an easy choice. A scarf for my hair, and yellow hoops, completed the look. 

The only problem was — I was DYING from the heat. It was about 90 degrees that day, and much as I enjoyed putting this outfit together, I knew it was just not practical. So it was on to Option 2. 

I became enamored of mod fashions in the seventh grade. I distinctly remember the photo spread in Seventeen magazine featuring Olivia d'Abo that introduced me to the concept. That summer, I was all about wide headbands, capri-length leggings, pyramid dresses and color blocking. I still love the combination of edgy and youthful that made mod as easy to wear at age 12 as it does now in my mid-30s. 

I busted out my best mod makeup skillz for this look (which as you can see are still pretty rudimentary). I tried like 5 times to take pictures showing off my eye makeup a little better, but each one was a total fail. So it goes. 

I had actually forgotten about this dress (please tell me I'm not the only person who does this) and just happened upon it in my closet in a stroke of luck. Is it perhaps too short for the office? Yes, yes it is. But I felt like putting leggings under it would just ruin the look. I also grabbed this white handbag, which I bought on a whim a few months ago and (ahem) have never actually used. I got a little silly with this photo, in part because this whole look just made me really happy. And, that's what it's all about, right? I'll be honest, I have a lot of stress and frustration in my life right now, so I'm always looking for those little moments that don't suck. Whether it's 10 minutes in my car jamming out to a song I love, or having fun playing fashion model, it doesn't matter — it's just nice to let go of all the frustration and be happy and silly for a few minutes. 

Also: Happy Fourth of July! I normally do not go in to the office on Fridays, so this three-day weekend is kind of just more of the same for me. But yesterday was actually a nice day to be at work — since we didn't put out a newspaper today, there was hardly anyone working yesterday, the phones barely rang, it was quiet and I got a TON of stuff done. So I do feel like I got a little break from the usual grind. Later today, I'm hoping to take my daughter over to my mother-in-law's house for some food and, if the weather holds, play time outside. What are you doing for the holiday? Whatever it is, stay safe and have fun. 


  1. All of these looks are spot-on Mad Men, actually. I particularly love the carefree minidress! I'm glad fashion provides a bit of an escape from daily stress ~


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