Playing catch-up

Whew, what a few weeks it has been ... it's just been work, work, work, mixed with toddler wrangling (aka parenting) with little time for anything else.

Somewhere in there was my birthday, which was absolutely terrific. I was greeted at work with ice cream cake, a card and an adorable banner on my desk. Then there was more cake later, followed by yet another cake. And I went out for a drink with a friend from work, which I NEVER do (not because I don't want to, but because I usually don't give myself permission to do frivolous things like that), and it was terrific.

I realized after the fact that I totally was dressed like an 80-year-old woman on my birthday but, oh well. Granny style 4 life. I found this cape at a local consignment store that was having a closeout sale. I thought it was a cardigan at first, but when I saw that it was a cape, I literally gasped! I've never owned a cape and I was really excited to buy one for 25 CENTS. For real.

Excuse my gnarly hair, but I wanted to show off this beautiful jewelry set my husband gave me. He always gets me the best stuff! He also made me lemon cake, which was delicious.

Earlier in the week, I got the chance to rock my new sandals, which were a birthday present from my mom. I hardly ever wear sandals because I don't really like showing my feet, so these are PERFECT for me.

I also borrowed a sweater from my Instagram shop, which I wore over my wedding dress (which is really making me want a white pleated skirt ...). And this purse is from my Etsy shop. It's hard to see here, but it has an adorable parrot charm (I wore it for the "Birds of a Feather" Joyful June prompt).

I struggled a bit with a bird-themed outfit, but I was excited about "Lady in Red," since red is one of my favorite colors.

My camera, on the other hand, doesn't like red AT ALL.

I tried to use lighter-toned accessories to make this jewel tone more summer-appropriate, but let's be honest, red is a good color for any time of year. This lightweight shirt dress is a great wardrobe staple, but I'm thinking about adding a pin or a snap to the neckline — the first button isn't until about halfway down the chest, which is a little risque for me. I don't want to be flashing my bra at work, you know?

I had a moment of weakness on Monday and wore a couple of items from my Instagram shop that I had just listed a few days earlier. I LOVE this top and am really struggling with selling it! And these jeggings, I couldn't even bring myself to photograph them because I knew I just had to try them out first. You guys, they are so comfortable it's ridiculous.

I was having a super bad hair day, which I tried to fix with hairpins (these are the only tool in my hair-styling arsenal) but you can kind of see the gnarliness showing through here. So it goes!

I was going to post pics from yesterday, which was "Mad Men Inspired," but this post is already getting super long, so I'll come back tomorrow to share some more photos from that craziness (I actually shot two separate outfits because I just couldn't decide what to wear!).


  1. Hooray for grandma style! And wow, 25 cent cape makes me jealous. I also really like the grey-and-rainbow striped sweater. That whole outfit is my favorite.

    1. I know, right? A 25 cent cape just doesn't come along every day.

      I love this sweater too! It's not really my usual style, but the color palette is really fun. Upstate NY does not lend itself to short-sleeved sweaters, IMO.

  2. That second outfit is my absolute favorite! You have such great style!

    1. Thanks! This outfit is definitely not my usual style, but I loved the bright colors together and it was really fun to wear. Sometimes it is fun to try out something a little different!

  3. It is so fun to see a whole bunch of outfits like this. My favorite though is the last one- very pretty colors on you.

    Happy (Late) Birthday!


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