Domestic goddess

So the other day I found myself sweeping the kitchen while wearing a shirtwaist and pearls ...

These pictures are from one of the days that I spend mornings home with my daughter while my husband gets in a few hours of work. Then he comes home and I head off to work. It's a bit of a mad scramble, but she loves her "Dada days"!

I took these photos while she was eating breakfast. She was very interested in the whole thing and kept asking me the kinds of nonsensical questions that 2.5-year-olds ask, i.e., "You taking pictures, Mama?" "You put the camera over THERE?" "Why you put the camera on the floor?", etc.

I love my kitchen, but I find it impossible to take photos of it, because they all come out looking like this: noisy and dim. But I digress.

I picked up this dress for 49 cents (FORTY-NINE CENTS! I'm saying.) at my local thrift store a few weeks ago and it was absolutely perfect for this hot and sunny late-August day. I am trying to get as many more days out of these coral sandals as I can before fall really sets in, so I was happy to pair them with this dress. And from there, I tried to keep it simple with a wide white belt, silver bangle and gray pearls.

Green shirt dress: Vintage, thrifted
Gray pearl necklace: Gift
White cinch belt: Some cheapo online boutique
Silver cuff bracelet: Thrifted
Coral sandals: Kmart, gift
Total cost to me: About $5


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