Making It Work: Bright trousers

Welcome to the next installment of Making It Work, a series of features about styling unusual or distinctive pieces in an office-appropriate way. Today's look features brightly colored trousers: a wardrobe item I was slow to embrace, but have come to rely on for work outfits.

Making It Work: Bright trousers

Of course, you can pair brightly colored trousers with neutrals, but that only serves to emphasize them more. I absolutely loved how pairing a bright tribal print top with my raspberry chinos almost cast them in the role of the neutral.

I've re-created that idea here, with a bold print blouse in an unexpected palette. I liked the way the print hints at, without actually matching, the shade of the trousers.

This chocolate brown obi belt helps pull the look together a bit and keep it from looking too casual. Tossing a cream or tan blazer over the blouse would be a good option for cooler weather (or a more formal office environment).

When it comes to shoes, I always try to resist the urge to go all matchy-matchy, and bring something different to the outfit. I love flats or booties with skinny trousers – heels always make me feel like I'm trying too hard.

And the outfit gets finished off with this simple pale pink envelope clutch, which is a nod back at the motif of the blouse. I chose to go without jewelry for this look because the top speaks for itself, but I would probably add gold earrings if I were wearing this.

What do you think — would you wear this look (or similar)? Is it too "out there" for your workplace? How would you style a brightly colored trouser for the office?


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