Making It Work: Loafers

I fell in love with loafers by accident when browsing a J. Crew catalog (yes, catalog) about 10 years ago. I turned the page and there they were: a pair of bright red loafers. And I knew that I had to have them. There were way out of my budget, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. I started haunting the J. Crew website until they went on clearance, and snapped them up for a fraction of the original price. I was overjoyed when they arrived in the mail, and tried them on immediately. And then I promptly realized that I had no idea what I would ever wear them with.

Making It Work: Loafers

Enter this week's Make It Work entry, with one idea for styling loafers or moccasins for the office. The key, of course, is to treat loafers like they're flats. But beyond that, you can play with the menswear inspiration while still crafting a classic and work-appropriate ensemble.

A simple pair of narrow navy trousers gives this look a firm foundation. If you're worried about looking short or stumpy in flats, choose a trouser color that matches your shoe. I like the contrast this provides, though.

A bright yellow fitted blazer elevates this outfit and makes it, rather than the loafers, the statement piece here. Not that you don't want people looking at your shoes — you just don't want that to be all they're looking at.

A gauzy white blouse softens the strident blazer while still filling the role of the collared white shirt — a work-wear staple. This combo is a great canvas for jewelry, as well. Anything from a large statement necklace to a delicate chain could work.

Add another colorful element with a simple satchel. This burgundy bag offers a striking contrast to the yellow blazer without itself being too unconventional for a professional setting.

How about you — would you ever wear loafers (or moccasins) to the office? How would you style them?


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