Making it Work: Polo shirt

I'm a sucker for a good polo shirt, so this week's Making It Work is dedicated to just that. This is the third installment in a weekly series of posts about how to style clothes in a work-appropriate way.

Making It Work: Polo shirt

Make the simplicity of the polo work for your look, rather than against it, by building a classic, minimalist ensemble around it. Keep the other pieces tailored and luxe. It's the whole T-shirt-with-a-tulle-skirt concept — one extreme balances the other out.

This tailored sheath immediately elevates the casual top and makes the outfit look fresh and modern. Stay away from pleats — too schoolgirl. But skater skirts or full-skirted midis give a great midcentury/shirtwaist feel with a polo.

Pearls are a great way to class up any outfit, and they play very nicely with polos and other collared shirts. This classic style gives a plain or casual top an instant boost of elegance.

For the shoes, I chose a classic style in an eye-popping color. To keep this look sleek and uncluttered, choose one accessory to make a statement with. I loved how this fiery red-orange balanced the blues of the top and skirt.

A plain gray clutch keeps this outfit out of old-lady territory and makes it look all the more modern. A minimalist tote would also be a great accessory if a clutch just won't cut it.

In cooler weather, I love a printed polo under a blazer with slim trousers. Or with a belted cardigan and wide-leg pants for a look that evokes the prewar era. How would you style a polo for a professional look?


  1. Dying over those shoes too! I'm down to two polos in my closet that I would love to wear or get rid of. I need to make them work!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

    1. Hope I inspired you! I love polos, if you decide to get rid of yours, let's do a clothing swap!


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