Oh hey, it's 2015

Milestones tend to pass me by. I could blame it on being a parent but let's be honest, it's nothing new. (Also: She's 3 now so that excuse is really wearing thin.)

For instance, I could have sworn that I did a blog post at the beginning of 2014 about my fashion goals for the year. But, a quick check back in the archives reveals that no such thing happened. Turns out it was a column I wrote ... in January 2013. Ahem. (You can read the full column here, but I'll summarize.)

At any rate, we are going to pretend that these were my goals for 2014, and see how I did. So let's begin, shall we?

1. I resolve not to be boring. 

Feeling reasonably good about this one. I wore my wedding dress to work a couple of times, mixed prints with wild abandon and wore color combos like the one seen above. So: nailed it.

2. I resolve to let my outside match my inside. 

Succeeded mostly, but there were a few notable failures, as seen above. Here's the thing, though: I sometimes like dressing up in a style that's not my own. It was fun to be boho, dapper and mod this year.  But I do feel best when I'm wearing an outfit that feels like me.

3. I resolve not to suffer unduly for fashion. 

Mixed results. I have finally resigned myself to the limitations of my joint problems and have pretty much given up on high heels. I have also gotten better at being brutally honest with myself about which clothes simply do not fit me anymore — although that wasn't the case all year (ahem too-tight skirts!).

4. I resolve to sew

Making progress here (now that it's 2015 ...). In 2014 I first bought some fabric like a lunatic, then furthered my lunacy by buying a vintage pattern. The two are still sitting on the shelf, BUT, I did sew something on the machine recently (a stuffed animal for my daughter) and was well pleased with the results. Just using a sewing machine without sweating or swearing was a breakthrough for me. I am working on an alteration project right now,

What are your style resolutions for 2015?


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