A week of fashion challenges

I've blogged before about the fun I have with fashion challenges, and even though I haven't been totally faithful to the concept, it's something I continue to enjoy. It keeps me reaching for things I wouldn't ordinarily wear, or try a look that isn't my usual style, and pushes me to make more of an effort to put together a cohesive outfit.

Lady In Red

For some reason I was at a loss on Monday to come up with a red outfit. I could blame the fact that I worked a night shift the night before, but the truth is, I don't have as much red in my wardrobe as I used to. Which is a shame, because I love it!

So I kind of punked out and wore this red corduroy blazer and threw a red floral neckerchief over the whole thing. And any bonus points I might get for mixing prints (something I still struggle mightily with) are, I think, negated by these lousy bathroom selfies.

Hint of Mint

I was actually super excited about this outfit idea, which I shamelessly stole from my friend Jessica. She showed up the other day wearing a chambray button-down and a mint scarf, and the combo just looked terrific to me. So I took a spin in a chambray dress that I have for sale in my Instagram shop and, uh oh, totally fell in love with it. The fit is perfect — loose enough to be comfortable, but fitted enough to be flattering.

I was initially going to try to make it look not Western, but then I liked the look of the brown belt, so I just went whole hog and added the pigskin jacket (no pun intended). If I had cowboy boots, I totally would have worn them!

Feminine in Florals

I agonized over this prompt, because I do NOT have a lot of floral things in my wardrobe. I thought about borrowing this lotus-print tunic from my Etsy shop, but it was so darn cold that I felt like I would have just ended up burying it under lots of layers. But that sparked a brainstorm, because I remembered this dress, and all was well.
This is one of my all-time favorite finds for my shop. I love everything about it — the color, the cut, the fabric, the print. I couldn't resist adding this ivory floral necklace to play into the prompt theme, and you can't really see it, but I'm also wearing peacock-feather earrings to bring out the colors of the dress. I felt really beautiful in this outfit, which isn't something I can say every day! 

Black and White is Always Right

This one should have been a gimme. I'm always reflecting on how much black-and-white there is in my closet! But I decided to be stubborn and wear pants, which suddenly limited my options considerably. 

Comfort was definitely a factor here, as I started out with soft ivory cords and a loose knit top. I added a stretchy belt to give myself a waist, and put a black velvet blazer on top. And since I'm firmly in the "more is more" camp, I added a soft off-white infinity scarf from my Etsy shop, a string of (very very faux) pearls and a vintage brooch. Plus my trusty pointed toe black flats. I was going for wintry luxe, and I felt pretty good about the result (except, that belt is too tight and pinched my tummy, boo). 

The week was a crazy patchwork of fashion challenges — I'm semi following Modern Modesty's challenge, but I have been dipping into Hilary Rushford's "Style Me" challenge as well. Got any good ones I should add to my list? 


  1. Great looks! Fashion challenges are so fun! I've never been faithful enough to meet a challenge every day, but I do if often enough to have some fun and get some new ideas! Thanks so much for joining in FUN FASHION FRIDAY and we'd love to see you back every week!
    Dawn Lucy

  2. Thanks! I definitely have come to rely on the fashion challenges as a way to get me out of a style rut and to give me some focus when I'm sitting there wondering "What am I going to wear today?" :) I did a fun one this week that I'm looking forward to writing about, so be sure to check back!


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