Making It Work: Pastel Maxi in Winter

Making It Work is a series devoted to styling unusual or distinctive pieces in an office-appropriate way. This installment takes a floaty, sheer, pastel maxi skirt and dresses it up, not just for the workplace, but for winter.
Making It Work: Winter pastel maxi

In an effort to respond to a recent fashion challenge prompt of "Peachy Keen," I found myself trying to figure out how to style a sheer, peach-colored maxi during the dead of winter. This was doubly difficult for me, because a) peach is not a color I wear often and b) I can count on one hand the number of times I've worn maxi skirts. Add to that the fact that sheer pastels don't exactly scream "winter," and I was pretty flummoxed. So I did what anyone would do and headed to Pinterest. Several hundred pins later, I came away with a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do:

Gray and pink might not be the most original color combination, but it's a nice way to make pink look more "grown-up" and less cloying for professional environments. This belted cardigan keeps the outfit looking soft and feminine while still looking appropriately polished.

   This simple wrap top goes nicely with the uber-feminine skirt without going overboard into frilly territory. Choose something that hits at the natural waist (or can be tucked in) to keep the look long and lean.

I actually loved the look of this skirt once I got my hands around what to do with it. Peach or blush hues can be nicely warming and even sophisticated when paired with other neutrals or similar tones.

A pair of gray booties give you some height (so you aren't stepping on the hem of your skirt). I chose a minimalist pair here, because they'll only peek out from below your skirt, so there's no point trotting out your show-stoppers for this outfit.


A burgundy infinity scarf plays off the warm tone of the skirt while adding that "Yes, it's winter" visual cue to keep it from looking like you're dressing out of season.

How do you wear pastels — or maxi skirts — in winter?


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