Thrift audit: Jan. 26, Salvation Army

I've decided to start blogging more about my thrift purchases — what I'm buying and what I plan to do with it — as a way to track my successes and failures, and also as a way to explore the various options, pitfalls, etc., associated with secondhand clothing re-sale.

My local thrift store has been marking certain items down to $0.49 on Mondays, so I try to make it a point to stop by and check things out each week. This is a relatively small haul compared to what I've taken home in the past! My goals are to buy only things I genuinely need, or can sell for profit. Let's see how I've done: 

Rubber boots, toddler size 6

Cost: $.99
Keep or sell: Keep. 
I am hoping these will replace R's current rubber boots when she grows out of them. Her current pair has seen TONS of use, just about year-round. 
Good or bad buy?: Good buy

Olive green suede Camper boots

Cost: $2.99
Keep or sell: Sell; they're not my size
I bought these on a whim because a) they're Campers, and b) they're really cute. They have been sitting around for weeks, but I just did some research to find out more about them, and found someone selling a pair on eBay for $39.99. My auction just started, so we'll see what happens. If they don't sell here, I'll try Tradesy, then Instagram. 
Good or bad buy?: Good buy. I'm sure I can find a new home for these without losing money in the process. 

Faux shearling jacket

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell; too small, not really my style
I rarely see jackets marked down this low. This one looked in excellent condition, so I snatched it. It's not a super desirable brand, but it's a solid, nice-looking coat. However, I didn't get it to my local consignment store in time — they're already accepting spring/summer items!
Good or bad buy: Still hoping it will turn out good, but annoyed at having to store it for several months ...  

Vintage tan wool jacket

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell; too small, I already have a zillion jackets
I jumped at this pretty vintage coat because it was pretty and seemed to be in good shape. On closer inspection, there are a few weird areas of loose threads, almost like it used to have things sewed onto it that have been removed. Nevertheless, I listed it on Etsy, because the threads were relatively easy to clean up.
Good or bad buy: Good buy. It is a classic coat and someone is bound to buy it eventually.

Gray cardigans

Cost: $0.49 each
Keep or sell: Sell; too small
Both these sweaters were good brands, in good condition, making them an easy choice to pick up. I planned to list them on Instagram and sell them on consignment if I didn't have any IG takers. But I got a wild hare to post them to r/ThriftyThread along with several other items from my IG shop, and lo and behold, someone bought them! I sold them for $4 each as part of a bundle deal. But in my zeal to get to the post office, I stuffed them into an ill-conceived FrankenPackage, and the thing RIPPED in transit, resulting in the loss of one of the sweaters! So I refunded the buyer $4, and wound up losing money on the shipping too.  
Good or bad buy: Bad buy. I hate letting a customer down — I have never had something like this happen before. Lost product is lost money for me, and I'm sure she is not at all pleased to have had her sweater vanish in transit. So I feel awful about the whole thing, even if I did make a small amount of money in the end.

Plaid vintage pinafore 

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Not sure
I loved the colors and the style of this vintage dress, so I snatched it up without really inspecting it. Turns out a) it's maternity and b) there's a moth hole at the bottom of the skirt. So, emboldened by a recent sewing machine success, I decided to attempt a re-fashion of it. I'm almost done with the project and will share details when I'm finished, but so far, I'm pleased with the results. I haven't decided if I will keep it or sell it, which probably means I will list it on Etsy but keep it if no one bites.
Good or bad buy: Good buy. Even if my alterations don't work out quite as I envisioned them, I'm still confident I can make something out of this pretty print.

Gray/yellow striped J. Crew pullover

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell (not my size)
This sweater is pretty, in great condition and a desirable label, which means it's an easy pickup at 49 cents. If it doesn't get picked up on Instagram, I'm confident I can sell it on consignment in the fall, or possibly even chance sending it to thredUP.
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Green 3/4 sleeve The Limited cardigan

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell ... probably
I loved the textured yoke, and the brilliant green color (it is a bit washed out in this photo) of this 3/4-sleeve cardigan. It is in lovely condition and I felt sure it would sell via Instagram. No takers yet, but again, I'm confident I can sell it via thredUP or consignment. But if I "have" to keep it, it wouldn't be a tragedy ...
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Although this particular batch was mostly items I planned to sell, I do often thrift for my own wardrobe as well! If you'd like to see more of my thrifted looks, please check out my Instagram (I'm @bonmarchecouture, natch). This month I'm participating in the #modmodfabfebstyle challenge via Modern Modesty, because I love a good style challenge. Come join in the fun! 


  1. Dang, your thrift store finds are *crazy* cheap! I'm usually excited over a $3 deal, but never have I come across something for 50 cents. Now I feel like I should get even thriftier ;) I really liked this post because it was interesting to see what you end up actually keeping in the end- and the reasons why you don't kind of made me rethink my evaluation process while thrifting. I don't usually check for moth holes, so I'm glad you highlighted that!

    Also, I'm super curious to see what you did with that plaid jumper!

    xo marlen
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    1. I know, I about died the first time my local thrift shop had a $0.49 sale! They have been doing it every Monday for months now and it is seriously the highlight of my week.

      I finished the plaid jumper this weekend — just gotta give it a spin in the wash and then I'm hoping to wear it later this week! Check out my Instagram for pics :)


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