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Pick 5 Fashion Challenge recap

Thrift audit: Salvation Army, March 2

Give us bread, but give us roses: The story behind the name

Out of time: Floral sheer tunic and polka dot skinnies

OTT: Floral print vest and vintage white skirt

Black and Blue: Cobalt cardigan and vintage ruffle blouse

Vibes and Stuff: 70s inspired flares and vintage jacket

Pick 5 Fashion Challenge: Week 1

Thrift audit: Feb. 23, Salvation Army

Spring dreaming: Pastel plaid button-down and polka dot skinnies

Greenery: Green vest and olive skirt for St. Patrick's Day

A gray beginning: Gray jumper with ruffle-sleeve blouse

Pick 5 Fashion Challenge

A tale of two outfits

Thrift audit: Feb. 12, Salvation Army

Shop update: Signs of spring