A tale of two outfits

Here's the thing: I try to be "honest" about the outfits I photograph myself wearing. That is to say, I want the pictures on here to show me as I really am: the clothes I actually wear from day to day. But sometimes an idea strikes me in such a way that I decide to photograph it anyway, even though I know I'm going to take it off the moment the camera is put away.

This was one of those days when my laundry pile gifted me with fashion inspiration. I saw this striped top next to an acid green midi skirt, and I knew I had my outfit.

I adore this top, which is vintage Judy Bond and juuust a smidge too small for me to wear comfortably. (Which is why it's for sale in my Etsy shop.)

I don't know how normal people put their outfits together in the morning, but I know for me, it's a constant push and pull between being comfortable and looking good. And much as I loved how this outfit looked, it lost major points on the comfort scale, mainly since it was literally zero degrees that day. So, enter take 2:

This winter has been all about layers, and covering up as much of my body as possible. I can usually stand to go sockless at work, but I always need an extra layer across my shoulders and arms. This gray sweater is the one I grab when I'm feeling a particular need to snuggle in against the cold.

Happily, there are signs of spring starting to emerge here in upstate New York. Yes, there are still snow mountains taller than me, and I have yet to see anything resembling a green growing thing, but still: there are signs. Robins, mostly. But we take what we can get.


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