Black and Blue: Cobalt cardigan and vintage ruffle blouse

I have kind of a love affair with blue and black together. I know it is one of those "rules" that you're not supposed to mix the two ... but maybe that's why I like it. I'M A REBEL, folks.

This outfit is another lie, because really I'm wearing (once again) muddy jeans, but I couldn't stop thinking about cobalt, black and red last night, so I put this outfit together to satisfy that particular urge. (Did that sound gross?)

I spent the morning driving around trying to get my taxes paid. Being a grown-up is just no fun at all sometimes. To make myself feel better, I am eating Sour Patch Kids for lunch, and I just finished up a mini modeling session for some new items that are going in my Etsy shop, which always boosts my mood.

Sweater: Vintage, thrifted
Blouse: Vintage, thrifted
Trousers: Gap, thrifted
Flats: Payless
Total cost to me: About $12


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