Greenery: Green vest and olive skirt for St. Patrick's Day

I am not even faintly Irish, but as I have written before, I love a good challenge/theme, so naturally I had to pick out something green to wear today.

Now, the logical thing to do would have been to wear the mint polka dot skinnies that I picked as one of my five items for this fashion challenge. Since they are, you know, GREEN. But  nope, I was feeling obstinate and decided to try to style this pink oxford shirt instead.

Please excuse the awfulness of this photo. It was SO dark and gloomy this morning that I had very little light to work with. (I will freely admit that, while I didn't particularly relish the thought of going out in the cold drizzle, there was a part of me that was feeling gleeful that all the college students would get rained on as they set about attempting to be drunk by 10 a.m.)

This post also marks the debut of my new "brand," although I feel like a douche calling it that. As is my wont with things like this, I got really excited about it last night, stayed up way too late working on the design and then started slapping it on everything only to find that ... I have to wait for Etsy to approve the name change to my shop. So now I kind of feel like an idiot. But anyway, here it is and I am looking forward to sharing more about the story behind it in the coming weeks.


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