Out of time: Floral sheer tunic and polka dot skinnies

Inevitably, I start off a week of vacation with a to-do list that's 9,000 miles long and completely unrealistic. About two or three days into the week, one of two things happens: a) I lost interest in the list entirely and just run out of steam; or b) I spend my "vacation" running around like a madman and exhausting myself.

So for this vacation, I took a different approach — a radical one, for me.

I didn't make a to-do list.

Sure, I had an idea of a few things I wanted to work on (sewing, Etsy stuff), but I left my plans purposefully vague so that I could actually relax and just chill out.

And you know what? It's been great.

I've still managed to get some things done. My week has included lots of great thrifting, some new listings in my Etsy shop, a spot of sewing and some just-for-fun cooking. In other words, it's pretty much been a dream week. I keep fantasizing about how wonderful it would be to quit my job and just live like this all the time. But until I can subsist on $30 per week, that's not going to happen, so I will just enjoy these next few work-free days as much as possible.

I borrowed this tunic from my Etsy shop because I can't stop thinking in pastels and candy colors. I think I have Easter/spring fever. Next week I'll probably be on to something else, but for now, this palette just feels right.

Scarf: Thrifted
Tunic: Vintage, thrifted (in my Etsy shop)
Trousers: Merona, thrifted
Wedges: Vintage, thrifted
Total cost to me: About $9


  1. (I think Google might have swallowed my last comment) I LOVE the color of your pants, and they look so perfect with that tunic! Also, the fact that they're polka-dot... sigh. If only I could find a pair of maternity polka-dot jeans!

  2. I totally agree that my vacation to do lists are usually so long I could never get everything done. I haven't tried the "no to do" list option but maybe I should. :)


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