Pick 5 Fashion Challenge: Week 1

Despite pledges to the contrary, not all my looks from the first week of my Pick 5 Fashion Challenge made it up on the blog (I did post them all on Instagram, though, do I get points for that?). So I thought I'd do a little recap.


I started off strong in one sense, wearing an outfit I really liked and had been planning all weekend after buying this amazing ruffle sleeve top. But it was weak in another sense because I chose the easiest of my challenge items — a pair of gray booties — as my starting point.


I sort of gave up on this outfit and just said, "Fine, pink and green together, let's do this." Not my best work, but not a terrible look either.


This is probably my favorite outfit of the week, even though it kind of defeats the purpose of the challenge. To make this electric blue old man cardigan work for me, I "borrowed" a dress from my Instagram shop, and kind of fell in love with it.

Not to mention, these leopard (cheetah?) print leggings were a total drugstore impulse buy that I really can't justify. I mean, I DO NOT need animal print leggings ... but they were on clearance and, what can I say, sometimes I just lose my mind.

I swear there is something about the onset of spring that just makes me want to shop/spend money. It's really quite ridiculous.

So yeah, I am pretty much keeping this dress, and I foresee these leggings being part of a future fashion challenge as I try to justify their existence in my wardrobe. (They are super soft and comfy, at least.)


So I had this whole outfit planned out on Wednesday night. I thought my new J Crew floral print cardigan would be the perfect compliment to this khaki dress, and that I would pair it with dark stocking and light heels and it would look pretty and spring-like and soft and feminine. 

And then I put it on, and I hated it. I took photos anyway, but I hated it. And all the while I was trying to psych myself up for just wearing this outfit, because it was comfy and warm ... but I just couldn't do it. So I changed. 

I kept the red lipstick, because I'm lazy (and it's that everlasting stuff that you have to use about a pound of lip balm/Vaseline to remove), and just went the really obvious route and added a red cardigan (also new ...) over the top.

And I absolutely loved it. (Don't mind that stray hair across my forehead ... the things you don't pick up when you're looking at a photo on your phone, you know?)

I pretty much always feel better with a little bit of red — a red lip, a red shoe, or even just the red piping on this dress. So embracing the red made me feel better about everything.


I worked from home on Friday, so I have to tell you, putting together an actual outfit was a bit of a reach for me. Normally, Fridays are all about giant sweatshirts, comfy jeans (side note: I am so worried about what's going to happen when I finally wear out these Gap 1969 jeans that I've been wearing every week for, like, 10 years) and socks that don't match.

So I felt pretty pleased to put something together that not only matched, but that also looked slightly cute, and springtime-y. Go me!

My overall verdict for this fashion challenge is that it is DEFINITELY going to be a challenge. I am already in a total fight with that khaki dress and will probably sell it when all this is over! And I'm genuinely hoping I can learn to embrace the button-down (I can't believe I wore two in one week) and love them like everybody else.

This week, I'm off work, so be sure to check in via Instagram (I'm @breadandrosesvintage) to see what over-the-top looks I put together for fun.


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