Shop update: Signs of spring

For me, the first sign of spring isn't green grass or flower buds; it's when my local consignment stores start accepting spring/summer clothes, and winter stuff starts getting marked down. It always catches me off guard, because it feels like we are still SO DEEP in winter here in upstate New York, but I have to remind myself there is a whole wide world out there that is not buried under 2 1/2 feet of snow. Must be nice.

At any rate, one must change with the times, so I have been both marking down fall and winter items in my Etsy shop (be sure to check out my $5 Sale section), and trotting out some new listings of, if not entirely summer-y fashions, at least things that hint at the seasons to come. Here's a look at some of my favorites:

1960s brocade wiggle dress and duster | $39
This stunning two-piece set has been hanging in my closet since October. I bought it, and several of the other items I've recently listed, during my local Salvation Army's annual post-Halloween purge, when some of the most over-the-top vintage can be had for reasonable prices. This set came to me badly wrinkled, and it was extremely satisfying to spend some time carefully ironing it and burnishing up the shiny fabric. And it wears like an absolute dream! I'm sure this was intended to be worn as a more close-fitting and slinky ensemble, but I actually kind of like it as more of a "sack" dress as seen in these photos. And either way, don't you just love the bow detail?

1960s/70s rhinestone embellished floral gown | $24
An absolute stunner of a dress, this maxi features a scatter print of bright, vibrant flowers — each one of which is embellished with a colorful rhinestone! A real showstopper.

Vintage embroidered "Superdad" chambray shirt | $17
I picked this shirt up a couple of years ago at a rummage sale and it's just been languishing ever since. I've been trying to figure it out. For some reason I wonder if it was a costume for a play. The embroidery just seems unusual — the "76" pocket, the elaborate monogram and then, the best part is the back:

I mean, what is going on here? I'm sure I'll never know, but it's intriguing.

Pink and white star print pullover | $9
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm a sucker for a strong print. This sweater just called to me from the rack, and I knew I had to buy it. Is it extraordinary? Not really. Is it some super desirable brand or style? No. But is it adorable, wearable and distinctive? Yes — and that's why I knew it would be perfect for my shop.

Goldenrod embroidered tunic | $19
Turquoise embroidered tunic | $19 Sold
Another good example of being drawn, magpie-like, to bright colors and prints. I snatched up these two embroidered dresses without a second thought, because, I mean, come on: look at them. These, too, have been sitting around since October, waiting patiently for the spring thaw. It was absolutely magical to clean them up and iron them — they positively bloomed under the iron. There is nothing in the world like ironing good, crisp cotton! And the colors, my god. It was about 16 degrees, snowy and blowing like the devil when I took these pictures, but I was smiling, because these two beauties were brightening up my day so much.

I have a few more items I need to list, but it was so darn windy when I was taking photos that some of the lighter dresses were blowing all over the place! So I'm hoping to get back out there soon and shoot another small batch.


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