Thrift audit: Feb. 12, Salvation Army

This is part of a series of posts pulling back the veil on my process for buying and selling secondhand clothes: 

Another Monday, another $0.49 sale at my local Salvation Army. 

 This was definitely not my most thrilling Salvation Army outing, but I think it will still have proven worthwhile. Here's what I found:

Pink star print sweater

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell
I blogged about this sweater the other day as part of my Etsy shop update. It's for sale in my shop now.
Good or bad buy?:  Good buy — it was cheap, and it's cute. I know I won't make a lot of money off it, but I hope it will sell.

Vintage brown corduroy jumper

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell
I am on a real jumper kick right now, so I couldn't resist this little cutie. It's in great vintage shape, so even though it's more appropriate for fall than spring, I went for it. The color doesn't translate too well — it's midway between chocolate and plum.
Good or bad buy?:  Good buy. I'm going to have to store it for a few months, but I'm confident it will pay off in the end.

Gold cardigan

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Keep
I had one of those moments the other day when I was like, "Why don't I have a gold sweater? I NEED a gold sweater!!" So when I saw this, I snatched it up. It's a size larger than I might normally wear, but I would rather have it be too loose than too tight, and I can always belt it.
Good or bad buy?:  Good buy — I think. Hopefully the urge for a gold sweater doesn't pass as quickly as it came.

The Limited black draped-front trousers

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell
These are nice dress pants in good condition. The fabric is really nice and lightweight, with just a bit of texture to it. I would totally keep these if they were my size!
Good or bad buy?:  Good buy — a good brand, in good condition. My only concern is if my local consignment shop will consider them a "fall/winter" item because they're black ...

Denim pinafore dress

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Unknown
Again, I'm obsessed with jumpers. I bought this thinking I would be able to wear/refashion it, but it's really pretty big on me, so I'm not so sure what I will do with it. And it's a downmarket brand, so my chances of re-selling it are slim.
Good or bad buy?:  If I'm honest, it's a bad buy. It was an impulse purchase that wasn't very well calculated. I anticipate guilt-wearing this in the future but not really being very happy with it.

Coral capri trousers

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell
These pretty, lightweight, bright trousers seemed perfect for spring, but are not my size, so they're slated for sale.
Good or bad buy?:  Good buy, I hope. I'll be honest, I didn't do the most thorough inspection for quality/flaws on these, so there's a chance I'll be surprised when I bring them in to the consignment store. But here's hoping they check out fine.

That's it for this week — I'm hoping to do this more often and then look back at the end of the month to see if any of my grand plans have come to fruition yet.


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