Thrift audit: Salvation Army, March 2

This is part of a series of posts pulling back the veil on my process for buying and selling secondhand clothes: 

I get so excited for these 49-cent Mondays at my local Salvation Army that it kinda bums me out when I don't find 9 zillion flawless amazing treasures. I gotta relax my expectations a little bit, I think. Nevertheless, this trip to the thrift still yielded a few good buys.

Vintage plaid skirt/vest set

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell
I have totally been stalking this set for weeks. Do you ever do that? You have your eye on something and you think, "Ha ha, when the price drops, you will be MINE!" Of course, this watch-and-wait strategy often ends in disappointment when someone else beats you to the punch. But this time, my patience was rewarded.

There is something about this home-sewn beauty that just charms me completely. I can imagine it being worn by some young high schooler, who probably sewed it herself, worn with a pair of white cable-knit knee highs, penny loafers and a pressed blouse. I probably should have held onto this one for fall, but I went ahead and listed it right away on Etsy on the off chance that it would catch someone's eye around St. Patrick's Day.
Good or bad buy? Good buy. I feel confident that someone else will see its charms, as well — even if I do have to wait for fall.

Armani linen trousers

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell
I am still learning how to be a total label snob when buying for resale (via consignment or Instagram). Before I started really getting serious about this, the only reason I would look at a label was to check size, or occasionally out of curiosity. But now I see dollar signs on the rare occasion that I spot a label more high-falutin' than, say, Loft or Gap.

So I was preeeeetty stoked about these ARMANI pants. They look like absolute garbage here (I actually found them on the floor of the thrift shop, nice) but I have since given them a good press and they cleaned up rather well.
Good or bad buy: Good buy. They are in tremendous condition and really are very nice.

J. Crew floral print cardigan

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Undecided
Another moment of label excitement. I see J. Crew pieces rarely, and when I do, they're often in bad condition (i.e. an obvious stain, etc.) I gave this sweater the once-over, and it checked out fine. The tag is a bit yellowed, and I am actually inclined to believe that this might be ... vintage J. Crew? 

Something about the cut of the sweater (it's SUPER boxy), plus the brownish tag, is giving me a real strong 90s vibe (and yes, I am personally horrified that the 90s are considered "vintage" but I'm moving on). But I'm not confident enough to list it on Etsy ... yet. I toyed with the idea of keeping it, because I've been wanting a printed cardigan for a while now, but I just CANNOT get down with the shape of this thing, it is doing me no favors whatsoever. 
Good or bad buy: Probably a good buy, in the end. But its fate remains undetermined. 

The Limited dark denim flares

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Keep?
OK, so I SWEAR I bought these with every intention of selling them. They are really lovely and in wonderful shape, and while The Limited is no Armani or anything, it's a respectable enough brand that I figured I could make a buck off these. And then .. I tried them on. (Why do I do this?) 

People, they are perfect. And this is coming from someone who has basically been in a total fight with all pants for the last several months (it's a waist-to-hip ratio thing). So yeah. I'm keeping them. (You may have seen them here.) Some might say I don't NEED a pair of pants that technically violate my office dress code (no denim) and are kind of too nice to bum around in on the weekends. But, tough. They're mine now. 
Good or bad buy: Pants that fit me? I'm calling this a good buy. 

Maroon velvet skirt

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell
There is something about velvet, isn't there? I mean, I know velvet can be overdone and tacky and chintzy. But when it's proper velvet — thick and luxurious and wonderfully heavy — there's just something magical about it. You want to look at it, you want to touch it. You want to wear it. I would wear the shit out of this skirt if it were my size, but sadly it isn't. So it's going into my "fall/winter" storage area (aka the loft above my daughter's bedroom) for now ... but, as always, if you see something you like featured on here, make me an offer. 
Good or bad buy: Good buy. 

Uniqlo leopard print cords

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell
That soft sobbing sound you hear is me still mourning the fact that these won't fit me. I stalked these, too, for a few weeks and literally snatched them off the rack when I saw they had the magical pink tag (or whatever color it was that week, I don't actually remember). Regardless, I am sure I can make a buck off these somehow, because LEOPARD PRINT CORDS. That's what I'm saying. 
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Analysis: Meh. I didn't spend too much, but I'm also not going to get a lot of bang for my buck. As enamored as I am of the velvet skirt and the leopard print cords, neither of these is going to rake in the dough for me. However, I didn't make any seriously questionable purchases, which in and of itself is a win for me after last time (that necklace, seriously). 

Stay tuned for my next thrift haul, featuring adorable baby clothes (to sell — noi'mnotpregnant), a bedsheet (again!) and a skirt that is so cute, I already sold it. 


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