Vibes and Stuff: 70s inspired flares and vintage jacket

For a while I was fighting the zeitgeist about referring to every style, mood or feeling as a "vibe." But I've given in. So here, I present to you a TOTAL 70S VIBES look that I put together today:

Really, this was just an excuse to wear this pair of Limited flares that I bought several weeks ago with the idea of selling. However, I missed my window (local consignment store only takes in denim for fall/winter — WTF is up with that?) so they have been hanging around looking gorgeous. And I couldn't help but try them on. And it seemed like a good match for the pink button-down that's part of my Pick 5 challenge.

I was pretty psyched when I saw lots of 70S VIBES during New York Fashion Week (by which I mean while I was sneaking peeks the Associated Press wire feed from New York Fashion Week when I should have been working), because I am all about some 70s style. It just feels like a natural fit for me. Don't get me wrong: I love what midcentury-inspired looks do for my figure, and a mod look always puts a swing in my step. But the styles of the 1970s just make me feel like me. Maybe it's because at heart, I favor more of a "natural" look — I don't groom my brows or wear a lot of makeup, etc. That's just me. And that seems like a perfect fit with a 70S VIBES outfit like this one.

However, this outfit is also a total lie — as the rest of this week's outfits will be. After taking this picture, I took off the jacket and shoes, threw on an old pullover that used to belong to my grandpa (I told you I have a thing for old-man sweaters) and a pair of muddy sneakers, and headed out to the thrift store. EPIC thrift haul post coming soon!


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