Housewife Cinderella: Gold cardigan and chambray dress

Sometimes, when it's cold and rainy outside and one feels as if one might be getting sick, and it's been a really long week and it's only Thursday morning, the only solution is to put on a twirly dress and a sparkly sweater and pretend you're a princess.

My feelings about princesses, mind you, are decidedly mixed. I wince whenever I hear my 3-year-old say the word, because to me it conjures up the worst possible version of prepackaged girlhood, in all its relentless pinkness.  

But at the same time, I am not ready to discard all things girly (or pink), simply because they are too often offered in excess. I am not going to pretend that it doesn't feel good to wear sparkly things and bows and full skirts — because, sometimes, it does. I don't mean to go full on Manic Pixie here, but hey, it's the truth. 

Cardigan: Consignment
Dress: Instagram
Shoes: Consignment
Total cost to me: About $18


  1. You have such a great collection of chambray. I like the way you knotted the cardigan. I usually only do that with my button up shirts but I will have to try it with a cardi now!
    -Rebecca from

    1. Thanks! I was amazed at what a difference it makes - I feel dowdy sometimes in cardigans because they tend to obscure my shape, but just by making it come in at the waist, it suddenly looked more shapely (and also retro-appropriate).


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