Making a Statement: Vintage blazer and striped polo

Having just posted the other day about how much I like pretending to be Cinderella, I'm now going to completely contradict myself.

Because while there are some days that dressing up as a fairy princess seems like a rad idea, there's a difference between fantasy and reality. And feeling real is what makes me feel good most of the time.

Most of us tell ourselves a lot of stories about what is or isn't really our style. "Oh, I don't wear blazers," I used to say. Or, "I feel awkward all dressed up in a skirt when everyone else is wearing pants." Whatever. But the truth is, when things are right, you'll know it. In spite of any "rules" you've written for yourself, or that anyone else has given you ("Redheads shouldn't wear pink," etc.)

There is, as often as not, no real logic to it. Why, on this day, do I feel like a million bucks in a polo shirt and khakis? Is it the yellow earrings (note to self: it doesn't hurt to have some color near my face)? Who knows? Who cares? But you have to try stuff — new stuff, new combinations of old stuff — to be open to the alchemy that can happen when you put together the right outfit and suddenly want to stop and stare at every reflective surface you happen to pass. You might be the only one who sees the magic. But you won't be the only one who notices the way it makes you feel, the way it makes you smile, the way it makes you walk with your head held high. So if everyone else still thinks you're breaking the rules — screw 'em. You're going to look fabulous anyway.

Blazer: Vintage, thrifted
Shirt: Vintage, thrifted
Khakis: Kmart
Shoes: Thrifted
Total cost to me: About $11*

*I used an Etsy gift card to buy this necklace, but the beautiful vintage jewelry in this shop is extremely affordable, so don't be deterred!


  1. I totally get this! I think my aesthetic has gotten more defined as I get older and slowly whittle down what I love and what is just.. cute... but definitely some days I feel SO fantastic and other times it's just a fun outfit. I've been trying to pare down to the things that make me feel super fantastic, because hey... why wouldn't you want a closet that makes you feel that amazing? I think you look really great here! The earrings, the pants, the blazer; it all works REALLY well and you just look good!


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