Plus ca change: Purple cardigan and floral babydoll dress

I am enjoying a week off work right now (more on that later, but if you want to know what I've been up to, just check out my Etsy store), so I thought I would post some photos I took last fall that somehow never made it onto the blog.

Although these photos were taken months ago, they could just as well have been taken this week — we are in the same sort of in-betweenish, I'm-going-to-forego-tights-and-then-regret-it weather now that we were back in September.

I go through cycles with clothing, where I will wear a few things every week for a few months and then forget all about them. I was all about this cardigan in the fall, and then somehow drifted away from it. Looking at these pictures now, it seems totally fresh and exciting to me.

This is, of course, a luxury that I try not to take lightly: the fact that I have so many (SO MANY) clothes that I could without question go through an entire calendar year without repeating an outfit. I'm not proud of this fact, and actually find it kind of embarrassing, but I am also unwilling to hide from it. I am as guilty as anyone of being in thrall to novelty — something I struggle with when it comes to buying and accumulating stuff. But, I figure, being conscious of it is a step toward changing those habits and being more thoughtful about the things I buy and the things I own.

Sweater: Vintage, thrifted
Dress: Vintage, thrifted
Boots: Bag sale
Total cost to me: About $8


  1. Having items that fall into the back of my closet forgotten is the exact reason I decided to purge! Especially because I knew I had items that I never really loved or knew how to style. But I still have a vast amount of clothes, even after the purge, and hey... it is what it is! I don't think there should be shame in having tons of clothes unless you're just holding onto clothes for the sake of having them, you know? I have a lot, but I go through phases of wanting to wear certain items more than others at times, so seasons will go by where I don't wear some of the clothes in my closet, and then suddenly they seem new again!

    I love purple on you, it's gorgeous with your coloring!

    1. Thanks! I have realized from looking back at blog posts that I pretty much wear jewel tones year-round because I love them so much ... I would totally wear this same outfit (maybe minus the boots) in the middle of summer!

      I have such mixed feelings about having lots of clothes! Part of me has this impulse to question any devotion to material possessions. Not that it stops me buying new things, most of the time ...


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