Thrift audit: March 23, Salvation Army

This is part of a series of posts pulling back the veil on my process for buying and selling secondhand clothes: 

I don't know if it's because it's spring, and people are clearing out their closets or what, but I have been on a ROLL lately when it comes to thrifting. (Update: I totally forgot the top three items in this photo when I first posted this! They have been added below.)

This particular set of purchases yielded some of my favorite items of recent months .Two items have already sold on Etsy; one more is already at consignment; and a third has already been repurposed. So I am feeling pretty damn smug. However, as you'll see, I still have a few holes in my game ... 

White pleated vintage skirt

Paid: $0.49
Keep or sell: Keep
This pretty knit skirt is a perfect example of 1970s fast fashion. It's not particularly well made, and not really anything that special. But at the same time, it's also kind of perfect, because it serves the exact same function today that it did decades ago: It's cute, it's wearable, it's easy to take care of and it's affordable. 
Good or bad buy? Good buy — it sold on Etsy almost immediately.  

White ribbed vintage knit skirt

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell ... probably
I picked up this skirt for all the same reasons as the one above — but this one actually fits me, as you can see here. So I'm tempted — but it's still for sale. 
Good or bad buy: Good buy. Worst-case scenario, I keep it. It's not as if I have any other white skirts, so I don't feel too awful about it. 

Lavender statement necklace

Paid: $2.99
Keep or sell: Neither
I bought this for a friend who had told me she was looking for a purple statement necklace. It's pretty and, you know, it was three bucks. I honestly don't remember if she paid me back for it (sorry Jessica!) or if we just decided to call it even. But she has bought me lunch, doughnuts, etc. enough times that I feel like it all works out in the end. 
Good or bad buy: Good buy. I love it when I can find something for a friend when I'm out thrifting!

Purple satin J. Lo trousers

Paid: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell
OK, so just typing in "Purple satin trousers" made me feel like these are a bad buy ... but they're as-new, with the tags still on, and according to the tags, they cost $60 new! So I figure I ought to be able to make a buck or two off them. 
Good or bad buy: I fervently hope they are a good buy. 

Burgundy corduroy skirt

Paid: $0.49
Keep or sell: Keep
A moment of temporary insanity. This skirt will fit me, yes, but it is really not the right length OR cut for me, and I am not quite sure why I bought it. And, it's not vintage so I can't even sell it. Phooey. 
Good or bad buy: Definitely a BAD buy. 

Rose print capris

Paid: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell
I love a good printed trouser, and these looked lovely so I snatched them up. They are a size 8, which is usually iffy for me, but I couldn't resist trying them on. They looked great, but were so tight I couldn't sit down, so off to the consignment shop they went! They are really beautiful and I am confident they will sell. 
Good or bad buy: Good buy

Khaki/black striped vintage midi skirt

Paid: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell ...?
I bought this assuming it was too small for me, and it's vintage, so I can sell it on Etsy, but ... I am probably going to try it on before I set up the listing. I just crave full skirts SO much, and knits with an elastic waistband are all the better. However, with this one, I'm afraid I may have fallen victim to the fallacy of "Just because I want it means that everyone should" — something I really struggle with. 
Good or bad buy: The jury's still out. I have a sneaking suspicion this is one of those things that will sit around in my Etsy shop for a zillion years and finally get marked down to $5 and sold off even cheaper as part of a bundle deal. (This is why I only pay 50 cents for things, folks!) I am probably going to wait and list it in the fall, because it is a little somber for springtime, no? 

Gray skinny Merona checked trousers

Paid: $0.49
Keep or sell: Keep
As I may have mentioned before, I'm in a total fight with pretty much all pants, because I'm kind of between sizes. I thought these soft knit trousers would be perfect, because they seemed to fit low on the waist (my favorite, I just can't wear high-waisted pants because I feel super uncomfortable in them) with a nice slim leg. Unfortunately, they are a bit loose in the waist, AND have no belt loops. So if I were to wear them, it would mean a) I would have to pair them with a very long top and b) I'll be pulling them up all day long no matter what. I may have to get a pair of suspenders ... 
Good or bad buy: Not great, to be honest. (I should possibly have TRIED THESE ON.) 

Gray/black striped knit bedsheet

Paid: $1.50
Keep or sell: Keep
If I had posted this right after I bought it, I would have been all sheepish and like, "Ha ha, I have this weird fantasy that I can turn this into a maxi skirt, isn't that ridiculous?" But considering I actually did it, I have no shame whatsoever! 
Good or bad buy: Hell yes this was a good buy. I still have some fabric left over AND I made an infinity scarf out of one of the scraps. YES.

Pale green baby dress

Cost: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell
I am totally infatuated with baby clothes from the 1970s — i.e., clothes like the ones my sister and I wore when we were growing up. I decided to add a kids' section to my Etsy shop a few years ago, and it's been really fun to pick up things here and there for it. I bought this a few weeks before Easter, and just sold it a couple of days ago!
Good or bad buy: Clearly a good buy!

Pink two-piece infant set

Paid: $0.49
Keep or sell: Sell
See above. And, I mean, how cute is this?? I love the little ribbons threaded through the legs (there is one at the collar, too). And the pattern of the knit is so pretty.
Good or bad buy: Good buy — I am confident that this adorable little set will catch someone's eye on Etsy

Vintage yellow knit skirt

Paid: $0.49
Keep or sell: ??
That old familiar refrain: I bought it with every intention of selling it, and then I tried it on:

And I kind of fell in love. I had a yellow skirt in this exact same shade a few years ago, but the cut was no good for me, so I got rid of it. This one is perfection, and I adore it (not that you would know from my stony face in this photo! Note to self: smile more). But it's already listed for sale, so we'll see what happens.
Good or bad buy: Good buy, if only because I love it so.

Stay tuned for my next thrift audit, where I venture to someplace other than the Salvation Army for once in my life! 


  1. This is such a fascinating post! I wish I could find items for fifty cents that are actual clothing and not just scarves (although scarves are awesome too.) The cheapest thrift store around here is the $1 clothing store, which I have found some of my favorite garments at! Usually I won't pay more than $5 for something I hope to sell unless it's REALLY good (like the green 100% silk 1970's dress I found with gorgeous draping, that was a more expensive item for the shop) which is why my items are priced higher (I feel like they are, anyway, although doing research on Etsy most people price similar items to me at even more) but I've always been curious as to what other Etsy sellers pay for things they sell!
    And I definitely fall prey to that "I'm going to sell it! But... I tried it on and I love it..." ALL the time.

    1. I know, I couldn't believe my luck when my local Salvation Army started doing this $0.49 sale every week. It is seriously the highlight of my life, ha ha. Normally the stuff there is more like $3-$7 so it is a real bargain!


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